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M.D.T – My Dog Trainer advocate positive reinforcement techniques, adhering to the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive guidelines (LIMA) and the Hierarchy of Procedures for Humane and Effective Practice.


Dog Training SG

Fulfilling the simple needs of our canine family members also helps to prevent undesirable behaviours from arising. This service helps to teach your dog to walk loosely when on leash without pulling the human down the street.

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M.D.T was one of the first company in Singapore that provide such service since 2009. This program benefit dogs in the social butterfly category and or those that will benefit from it.

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When you go to work, the pooches go to school. School4Dogs is a fun packed program combined with the Socialisation Program. The aim is to teach the pooches a set of essential and fun behaviors.

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My Dog Trainer Empowering Learning Experiences
My Dog Trainer Empowering Learning Experiences

Training Courses

Call it training, or teaching, first and foremost one must learn how to teach. Then we are able to achieve results without resorting to unnecessary intrusive approach. It is essential to understand the functions of behaving in order to teach, maintain or change behavior. 


And, this is the foundation for all our training programs. To change behavior, we first change the environment (including the human’s behavior). Want to learn more about how behaviour works? Contact M.D.T here!

The most important course of all! What is the right thing to do after we get a puppy? What are the developmental stages of growth that correlates to behavior change? 

What is exciting, info and action pack about this course?


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This course provides owners with the knowledge of how behavior works and the practical skills to teach, maintain and change behavior. Additionally, to learn to identify dogs’ body language, stress signal, and their needs, to prevent undesirable behaviors from arising.


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The Behavior Change Program is conducted by our knowledgeable trainers with in-depth understanding of sound behavior change procedures. First, we change environment to change behavior, with positive reinforcement on the forefront and adhering to the least intrusive and minimally aversive approach (LIMA).  

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M.D.T - School for Dog Trainers

M.D.T – My Dog Trainer is now providing a complete comprehensive dog trainer course after being in the industry for about 15year



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