Dog Training School

By interview only

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Duration: 18 mths

2 hours per lesson

Twice a week

Dog Trainer Singapore

To be a dog trainer, one has to have a dog first. Furthermore, to be a good dog trainer, one has to learn well to teach the dog and human well. In M.D.T. – School for Dog Trainers, students understand how behaviour works and its co-relation to the environment internally and externally. And alongside the mechanics of shaping behaviour with various techniques.

We strive to be professional and expert in what we do by constantly learning from colleagues worldwide. At the same time, we provide a safe space for the students to learn, excel and form a community to support one another in the endeavour to achieve greater height to be a better dog trainer and a sustainable business.

What to expect from the trainer course

Please get in touch with M.D.T. for complete details.





Most frequent questions and answers

M.D.T – My Dog Trainer advocate positive reinforcement techniques, adhering to the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive guidelines (LIMA) and the Hierarchy of Procedures for Humane and Effective Practice.

The dog trainer industry is an unregulated profession. Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. Therefore, the students are strongly encouraged to work towards dog trainer accreditation from recognised international organisations such as CCPDT and IAABC.


The requirement for an endorsement from the school:

  • passing the test and exam, theory and practical.
  • A minimum period of 18mths of studying from a mentor and completing 300hours of training dogs.

To get ready to learn with an open mind and to be committed to a certain extend.

First, contact M.D.T and fill up the interview form. Then wait for good news! Once accepted by the school, then make the payment and let the journey begin.

Our awesome collegues

CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed)

The first positive reinforcement dog trainer in Singapore since 2001. 

Al and Cheryl are the rare breed of trainers who possess both skill and sound knowledge of behaviour. With their extensive experience and compassion for the animals and less fortunate, they are trainers who can help you build a better relationship with your pets be it dog, cat, bird or fish!


Fred Leow

CDBC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants)

Certified Dog Behavior consultant

Both Al and Cheryl are strong advocates for modern science-based dog training.

With their in-depth understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), they are experienced professionals trained to help dogs with complex behavioral issues.

Never resting on their laurels, Al and Cheryl constantly upgrade themselves with up-to-date knowledge and industry best practices in order to provide better help for dogs and their owners.

They are true professionals in the field of dog training and behavioral modification.