Puppy Class

Understanding Puppies & Training Essentials (under 5mth)



for a limited time only

4 lessons 

1 hour per lesson ($300 $170)

2x a week

$1,200   $680 (4 lessons)

puppy socialisation singapore
Singapore Puppy Class

Puppies do what puppies do. They pee and poop where it is convenient, they put things in their mouth (edible or not) and sculpture your furniture like a novice carpenter, wiggle like a worm and escape during grooming, howls like the great gray wolf for your return when you go to the toilet, not to mention running around zig-zag when the collar and leash are on them (or before you even manage to put it on them). And the list goes on. 


The one role we take as pet dog owners or guardians is to provide the opportunity for our puppies to learn through understanding the function of their behaviours. To interpret our world to them via daily socialization to the people around us, the things in our surroundings and those at home. You can call that meeting their basic needs. It is essential that the puppy starts right on the first day of arrival at your home, and the clock starts ticking.


Thus, this is the most important course to take after you get your puppy that will last through their adolescent stage and into adulthood.

what you and your puppy should expect to learn from the puppy class

The content of the puppy class





most frequent questions and answers

M.D.T – My Dog Trainer advocate positive reinforcement techniques, adhering to the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive guidelines (LIMA) and the Hierarchy of Procedures for Humane and Effective Practice.

The earlier the better it is for optimal results. Learning is a biological need, regardless the age. And every interaction with your puppy is training time. The training begins the day you take your puppy home.

Unfortunately, we wished we could, but we can’t. It is unlike appliances where a part is replaced and it starts functioning again. There are no parts in the dog that can be replaced to fix behaviour. We can’t fix behaviour. With the understanding of how behaviour works, the variables in the environment are what influences changes in behaviour.


We are to provide the greatest chance at success with the information and skills to our clients. To assist in knowledge and practical guidance in teaching, maintaining and changing behaviours.

To a huge extend, all living organism work to gain something or to get away from something. Food is a primary source of motivation but motivation changes due to satiation.  As motivation changes, we learn to recognise those changes and provide reinforcement in another form other than food.

To get ready to learn with an open mind and to be committed to a certain extend to reap the fruits you sow.


A playpen sturdy and safe for the puppy to be in.

A pee tray for potty training if staying in an apartment.

A dog bed (optional)

A crate

A water bowl

A couple of food puzzle toys e.g., Kong brand, Mike Model etc

A buckle collar/harness and a 1.8m fixed length leash.

Some appropriate toys for the puppy e.g., chew toys, tennis balls, squeak toys and or tug toys.

The puppy’s main meal.

A treat pouch

First, to contact M.D.T – My Dog Trainer and have a chat. Then to finalize your goals and commence lesson.